HIT MANIA TRAILER - Most popular trailer for January 2020

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In,,it,Mickey will accomplish,,it,Along with the Italian Post,,it,Walt Disney Italy has made a number of,,it,stamps celebrating the history of the world's favorite Mouse,,it,The original illustrations of the stamps are the work of master Giorgio Cavazzano,,it,who reinterpreted with his style the works of some authors that have made Mickey the iconic and beloved figure he is today,,it,K Productions has had the pleasure to reinterpret the work of the Master making animated illustrations made,,it 2020 could not miss our section of #HitManiaTrailer with the ranking of the most popular movie trailers on the company in January. The top ten of the month is open new chapter in the saga of Fast & Furious.

Il trailer ufficiale di Fast & Furious 9 It ranks in first place with a score of engagement 85.5K e 836.2K video views totali. In the second position the new Sony cinecomic, Morbius, debuts with the official teaser trailer that reached 4.5M video views totali con un engagement score di 75.5K. Rounding out the podium Harley Quinn thinks that we find in the new trailer for Italian Birds Of Prey: third video has an engagement score 47.7K e 5.9M video views totali.

Two Lucky Red bonds are present within the top ten: the trailer to the sixth place of Sulle Ali dell’Avventura reaches 3.1M video views totali con un engagement score di 34.1K, while in tenth place of the trailer 18 Presents ottiene un engagement score di 22.5K e 1.1M video views totali.

Peter Rabbit 2 e Bloodshot Sony are respectively the fourth and fifth place in the standings: the first with the new official trailer reaches a score of engagement 41.4K con 2M video views totali, while the second is the international trailer arrives in 1.6M video views totali con un engagement score di 40.5K.

In the seventh Immigrant clip Tolo Tolo, the last film Checco Zalone, ha ottenuto un engagement score di 32.9K con 1.2M video views totali. The new film Paola Cortellesi, Sons, It ranks ninth with the official trailer: il video ha raggiunto 1.9M video views totali con un engagement score di 23K.

In ranking it is also Netflix with the official trailer of the second season Sex Education: con un engagement score di 29.1K e 601.1K video views totali, the trailer is positioned in eighth.

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