27 April, ore 17 – Virtual meeting on the future of cinema in theaters

Today at 17 will take place there’virtual meeting to comment on the results of the questionnaire with which we asked the experts their opinion on the near future of cinema in theaters.

The project, that we have achieved thanks to the collaboration of our partner Ergo research, was launched from our website dedicated to showbiz Cineguru on which the first results have already been published.

Durante l’incontro, introduced and moderateDavid Dellacasa (publisher ofCineguru / Crew and CEO ofBrad&k ProductionsMichele Casula (Partner ofErgo Research eClapbox) will illustrate the conclusions of the surveyTHE FUTURE OF CINEMA ON THE ROOM IN THE PERSPECTIVE OF EMPLOYEES.

You can register here until the start of the meeting.

HIT MANIA TRAILER – The most popular trailers of March 2020

trailers released

The rubric #HitManiaTrailer back to keep you company in this lockdown period with the most popular trailers on Facebook and Youtube in the month of March. To open the top ten is just a Disney + content, Disney's new streaming platform, which debuted last 24 Marzo.

In first position we find the official trailer of Togo, the new four-legged friend of the Disney universe, con un engagement score di 69.9K e 1.6M video views totali. Sixth and seventh place two other Disney + content: con un engagement score di 9K e 1.3M total video views the official trailer for The Imagineering Story records slightly better performances than the trailer for Timmy Frana that reaches 776.2K video views totali con un engagement score di 8.5K.

In the top ten we also find three Netflix content: in second place the video that anticipates the fourth part of The Paper House ottiene un engagement score di 52.5K e 162.5K total video lives, while in fourth position the trailer of the third season of Elite reaches 294.4K video views with an engagement score of 43.3K. The teaser video of the fourth season of Stranger Things ranks 10th in the ranking with 2.1K of engagement score e 52.9K video views totali.

On the podium in third place, the official trailer for Sony's new animated title, Superconnessi, raggiunge un engagement score di 50.1K e 5M video views totali. Further down, in fifth position, the trailer for another animation title, Soul, (in this case Disney) gets 206.3K video views with an engagement score of 10.1K.

Going down some position, in eighth place we find the trailer for After 2: the new chapter of the Leone Film Group franchise reaches an engagement score of 6K con 275.1K video views totali. Il trailer ufficiale di Fast & Furious 9 ranks ninth with 157.6K video views and an engagement score of 4K.

Non dimenticate di tornare su Hit Mania Trailer per scoprire le evoluzioni della classifica nel mese di Aprile o scriveteci a hitmaniatrailer@bradek.it se desiderate che i vostri trailer appaiano in classifica.


Starting in December 2019 we started working on the communication strategy of the Warner Bros. to subject VOD called "First Minutes". The project allows users to watch i first ten minutes of films selected from the library Home Entertainment on YouTube in order to incentivize the user to purchase the full movie.

At the end of the first minutes of the film, you can continue watching by clicking on the endcard and purchasing the film on YouTube.

Based on the title being promoted and the potential audience, we made use of a dynamic mix of Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, Youtube, movie titles, communities and influencers.

In this way the films that enter the countryside are promoted with a strategy that exploits the potential of each medium of communication involved, both in organic and in advertising, to ensure our customer the maximum achievable ROI.

The promotion of "First Minutes" Warner also involved communities and influencers in target with the promoted films, in this way we have reached even more difficult users to reach through advertising: 

To further integrate the communication strategy was the contribution of movie titles, like ScreenWEEK, who presented the first ten minutes of some films to their readers, in this way we have ensured that our client has a relevance of the message also to users who attend less social media but are more inclined to take cues from cinematographic information sites.

The films selected with Warner Bros. they helped to cheer special occasions such as Valentine's week or to keep company during the closing of schools in Italy in March.

Ad oggi, the project totaled approx 382 thousand video views on YouTube and beyond 10 thousand interactions.

We are happy to support the section Warner Home Video with ours solutions designed to increase the performance of home video products, especially in this period where VOD and SVOD represents an important pillar for film distribution.