Disney Corporate – Mother's Day Video Production

Today is a very special day. It's Mother's Day and Disney has decided to celebrate it with a video, whose concept, the script and the realization are by Brad&K Productions. Starting from the idea of ​​summarizing what mom means to all of us and has meant in Disney films, "Mum is ..." traces its essence by mixing quotes and clips from Disney movies. We are honored to be able to share it with you and we thank Disney for giving us the opportunity to work on such a stimulating and moving project..

“Mum is…”

  • The most beautiful thing in the world [Peter Pan]
  • “I will always be here for you” [Rebel – The Brave]
  • “The warmth of a smile” [Peter Pan]
  • “Mother, I'm hungry” [The charge 101]
  • “She who the right way can show you” [Peter Pan]
  • “You have more power than you imagine” [Gli Incredibili]
  • “All for me and a gift from Heaven” [Peter Pan]
  • “Mum, with his instinct, knows what to do” [Pimpi, little big hero ]
  • “A true hero is not measured by the strength he possesses, but by the strength of his heart” [Hercules]

Titles we grew up with, that are part of our childhood. Precisely for this on a day like this, only Disney can best express our love for all mothers in the world.

HIT MANIA TRAILER – April's most popular trailers 2020

trailers released

Also this month the column #HitManiaTrailer returns with the most popular trailers on Facebook and YouTube in April. Compared to the previous month, the ranking in the first places remains unchanged and Togo opens the top ten again.

In first place in the ranking, il trailer ufficiale di Togo, the original Disney + movie, ottiene un engagement score di 58.4K con 1.4M video views totali. In sixth and ninth place there are two other contents of the Disney streaming platform: the official trailer of Behind the scenes of the parks: The Imagineering Story places us higher with an engagement score of 9K e 1.3M total video views compared to the official trailer of Timmy Frana con 264K video views e un engagement score di 2.7K.

Two new official trailers also come from the Disney universe: that of Soul which gains fifth place with an engagement score of 10.1K e 206K total video views and that of Jungle Cruise which ranks tenth with an engagement score of 2K e 61.5K video views totali.

In eighth position, the official trailer of the new chapter of the Universal saga, Fast & Furious 9, ottiene un engagement score di 3.5K con 144K video views. A higher position, in seventh place, il teaser trailer di After 2 reaches 263K video views with 5.8K of engagement score. On the podium in third place, the official trailer for the Sony animated title – Superconnessi – ottiene un engagement score di 50K con 5M video views.

In the top ten we also find some Netflix-branded titles: in fourth place the official trailer of the third season of Elite con un engagement score di 20K e 238K video views totali, while the video of the fourth part of La Casa di Carta ranks second with 161K video views e un engagement score di 52.5K.

Non dimenticate di tornare su Hit Mania Trailer per scoprire le evoluzioni della classifica nel mese di Maggio o scriveteci a hitmaniatrailer@bradek.it se desiderate che i vostri trailer appaiano in classifica.