I Trailer più popolari di Marzo

The #HitManiaTrailer column is back with the most popular trailers on Facebook and YouTube in March.

The ranking opens with the teaser trailer for The Divine Codino, Netflix film that will tell the career of Roberto Baggio to be released on 26 Maggio, che ottiene un engagement score di 20.6K e 170.8K di video views total.

In second place we find the official trailer of LOL: Who Laughs is Out, new Italian comedy show, out on Amazon Prime video on April 1st, che ottiene un engagement score di 17.1K e 1.6M video views.

Earn the third place in the Sneak Peek of The cruel, Disney film about the life of Cruella De Mon, starring actress Emma Stone, which earns an engagement score of 16.9K e 23.6K video views.

Netflix ranks fourth with the trailer for Love and Monsters with Dylan O’Brien out on 14 Aprile, che ottiene un engagement score di 13.2K e 222.6K video views and in sixth place with the teaser trailer of Summertime 2, the second season of the Italian series set in the Romagna summer, obtaining an engagement score of 8.0K e 105.1K video views.

The fifth place is occupied by Disney + with the second trailer of the Marvel TV series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, exit on 19 Marzo, in which the two characters confront the weight of Captain America's legacy. The trailer earns an engagement score of 10.2K e 114.6K di video views.

01 Distribution continues to hold a position on the charts with the trailer for After 3 in seventh place. The new chapter of the saga gets 7.9K of engagement score e 291.4K di video views.

Warner Bros. Pictures ottiene 2 positions in the standings: in eighth place we find the trailer for The Suicide Squad – Suicide Mission, the new chapter of the “Suicide Squad” directed by James Gunn, che ottiene 4.7K of engagement score e 32.5K video views; in last place the trailer with the clash of the titans of Godzilla vs Kong, which holds a position in the rankings for 3 consecutive months, getting in March 3.7K of engagement score e 197.9K video views.

In ninth place we find another Netflix trailer, Darkness and Bones, the series based on the books of Leigh Bardugo's GrishaVerse, which will arrive on 23 Aprile. The trailer earns an engagement score of 4.0K e 59K video views.

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