47 Metri Uncaged: the digital release

On the occasion of the digital release of 47 Metri Uncaged il 24 luglio 2020, we managed the social advertising plan for the film distributed by our client Adler Entertainment.

Being a digital only release, we created a single web page with all the services where the film was released, with the aim on the one hand of facilitating the user experience in choosing his favorite service, and on the other hand, to optimize social campaigns by conversion and not just by clicking on the landing page.

In this way we were able to create customized conversion actions to be used both within Google Analytics and for social media campaigns that allowed us not to stop bringing traffic to the landing page but to go further and assure our customer that this was the start of a purchasing process.

Having used this page as the only landing page for media campaigns, we were able to identify which on-demand services were preferred by users and therefore recalibrate and optimize advertising spending based on the data that emerged..

At the end of the campaign, we were able to provide the customer with a clearer detail on which categories of users who made the most conversions were, their device and therefore the services most chosen by users. In this way we were able to provide the Distributor with a series of relevant information, as well as immediately, in order to maximize the film's sales potential, also for a long period with a series of information regarding the penetration of on-demand services.