Disney Corporate – Mother's Day Video Production

Today is a very special day. It's Mother's Day and Disney has decided to celebrate it with a video, whose concept, the script and the realization are by Brad&K Productions. Starting from the idea of ​​summarizing what mom means to all of us and has meant in Disney films, "Mum is ..." traces its essence by mixing quotes and clips from Disney movies. We are honored to be able to share it with you and we thank Disney for giving us the opportunity to work on such a stimulating and moving project..

“Mum is…”

  • The most beautiful thing in the world [Peter Pan]
  • “I will always be here for you” [Rebel – The Brave]
  • “The warmth of a smile” [Peter Pan]
  • “Mother, I'm hungry” [The charge 101]
  • “She who the right way can show you” [Peter Pan]
  • “You have more power than you imagine” [Gli Incredibili]
  • “All for me and a gift from Heaven” [Peter Pan]
  • “Mum, with his instinct, knows what to do” [Pimpi, little big hero ]
  • “A true hero is not measured by the strength he possesses, but by the strength of his heart” [Hercules]

Titles we grew up with, that are part of our childhood. Precisely for this on a day like this, only Disney can best express our love for all mothers in the world.

HIT MANIA TRAILER – April's most popular trailers 2020

trailers released

Also this month the column #HitManiaTrailer returns with the most popular trailers on Facebook and YouTube in April. Compared to the previous month, the ranking in the first places remains unchanged and Togo opens the top ten again.

In first place in the ranking, il trailer ufficiale di Togo, the original Disney + movie, ottiene un engagement score di 58.4K con 1.4M video views totali. In sixth and ninth place there are two other contents of the Disney streaming platform: the official trailer of Behind the scenes of the parks: The Imagineering Story places us higher with an engagement score of 9K e 1.3M total video views compared to the official trailer of Timmy Frana con 264K video views e un engagement score di 2.7K.

Two new official trailers also come from the Disney universe: that of Soul which gains fifth place with an engagement score of 10.1K e 206K total video views and that of Jungle Cruise which ranks tenth with an engagement score of 2K e 61.5K video views totali.

In eighth position, the official trailer of the new chapter of the Universal saga, Fast & Furious 9, ottiene un engagement score di 3.5K con 144K video views. A higher position, in seventh place, il teaser trailer di After 2 reaches 263K video views with 5.8K of engagement score. On the podium in third place, the official trailer for the Sony animated title – Superconnessi – ottiene un engagement score di 50K con 5M video views.

In the top ten we also find some Netflix-branded titles: in fourth place the official trailer of the third season of Elite con un engagement score di 20K e 238K video views totali, while the video of the fourth part of La Casa di Carta ranks second with 161K video views e un engagement score di 52.5K.

Non dimenticate di tornare su Hit Mania Trailer per scoprire le evoluzioni della classifica nel mese di Maggio o scriveteci a hitmaniatrailer@bradek.it se desiderate che i vostri trailer appaiano in classifica.

HIT MANIA TRAILER – The most popular trailers of March 2020

trailers released

The rubric #HitManiaTrailer back to keep you company in this lockdown period with the most popular trailers on Facebook and Youtube in the month of March. To open the top ten is just a Disney + content, Disney's new streaming platform, which debuted last 24 Marzo.

In first position we find the official trailer of Togo, the new four-legged friend of the Disney universe, con un engagement score di 69.9K e 1.6M video views totali. Sixth and seventh place two other Disney + content: con un engagement score di 9K e 1.3M total video views the official trailer for The Imagineering Story records slightly better performances than the trailer for Timmy Frana that reaches 776.2K video views totali con un engagement score di 8.5K.

In the top ten we also find three Netflix content: in second place the video that anticipates the fourth part of The Paper House ottiene un engagement score di 52.5K e 162.5K total video lives, while in fourth position the trailer of the third season of Elite reaches 294.4K video views with an engagement score of 43.3K. The teaser video of the fourth season of Stranger Things ranks 10th in the ranking with 2.1K of engagement score e 52.9K video views totali.

On the podium in third place, the official trailer for Sony's new animated title, Superconnessi, raggiunge un engagement score di 50.1K e 5M video views totali. Further down, in fifth position, the trailer for another animation title, Soul, (in this case Disney) gets 206.3K video views with an engagement score of 10.1K.

Going down some position, in eighth place we find the trailer for After 2: the new chapter of the Leone Film Group franchise reaches an engagement score of 6K con 275.1K video views totali. Il trailer ufficiale di Fast & Furious 9 ranks ninth with 157.6K video views and an engagement score of 4K.

Non dimenticate di tornare su Hit Mania Trailer per scoprire le evoluzioni della classifica nel mese di Aprile o scriveteci a hitmaniatrailer@bradek.it se desiderate che i vostri trailer appaiano in classifica.

HIT MANIA TRAILER – I trailer più popolari di Febbraio 2020

trailers released

Despite the difficulties of this period, address book #HitManiaTrailer back to keep you company with the ranking of the most popular movie trailers on the company in the month of February and to open the top ten they think adorable Lady and the Tramp.

In first place with a score of engagement 99.5K, the official trailer for the live-action Lady and the Tramp, distributed on the new streaming platform from Disney + 24 March, can not reach 1.9M video views totali. Also on the series will debut Disney + The Mandalorian that with the official trailer positioned in seventh place gets an engagement score 25.9K e 2.3M video views totali.

From the universe Disney are second in the official trailer de The Call of the Wild con un engagement score di 84.3K e 2.1M video views totali, while in fifth place the new trailer for Mulan reaches 1.2M video views totali e un engagement score di 45.7K. The new trailer Onward – Besides the magic It ranks eighth with 3.3M video views totali e un engagement score di 25.8K.

Universal is presented in the standings with three titles: in tenth place with the official trailer horror The Invisible Man that counts 488.6K video views totali e un engagement score di 13.5K; more about sixth in the trailer for the new chapter of the saga, Fast & Furious 9, get a score of engagement 35.1K con 1.9M video views totali; Finally, just below the podium, al quarto posto, the trailer for the new film of Minions (Minions 2: As Crane became Despicable) reaches 1.8M video views totali con un engagement score di 61.4K.

In ninth place we find the new chapter teaser trailer After con un engagement score di 23.6K e 540.9K video views totali. Sul podio, in the third position, Netflix is ​​present with the teaser of the fourth season Stranger Things: the video has reached an engagement score 63.4K e 344.8K video views totali.

Non dimenticate di tornare suHit Mania Trailer per scoprire le evoluzioni della classifica nel mese di Marzo o scriveteci ahitmaniatrailer@bradek.it se desiderate che i vostri trailer appaiano in classifica.

Kinder – Production of social media assets for the Star Wars license

Per Kinder Italia we dealt with the creation of the media materials related to the campaign related to licensing Star Wars, that our customer used during the month of January 2020.

In each pack of Kinder Brioss, Kinder Pan's Beak e Kinder Colazione Più He was in fact included a character beloved saga of films including Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren and one Stormtrooper. The goal of the visual was therefore to show users what were the gadgets, playing at the same time on the breakfast theme in a fun way and in line with the philosophy of Kinder.

To achieve this goal, so it had to take into account several factors, not least the needs of Kinder Ferrero and licensee Disney Italy, then finding a stylistic balance that marry best with social more formats suitable for generating engagement and to be supported by an operation of advertising.

Here are some of the top performing content campaign:

What is your mood at breakfast? Check out the Star Wars characters in the packages of snacks Kinder!

Placed by Kinder onThursday 16 January 2020

At breakfast Galaxy meets in your home! In Kinder snack packs are a Star Wars character to collect!

Placed by Kinder onThursday 9 January 2020

The production of company assets has obviously declined on Instagram Stories, visible at this link.

We finally dealt with the creation of graphics for Official microsite related to the Star Wars license, for which we also realized an initiative explanatory video.

https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v = 3489705127737506

Kinder – Production Digital media kit for Donald license 85

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of Donald Duck, we worked with Ferrero,en for the communication campaign Donald 85, dedicated to the celebration of one of Disney's most beloved characters in the world and in Italy. Nello specifico, we realized media materials for social and digital campaign of Donald license 85, acquired by Kinder for the year in question.

Who bought at least two snacks Kinder Disney branded packages during the campaign period could “paperizzarsi” for the occasion, creating on the official website their personalized comic from the cover to the stories within it, with the ability to receive a copy at home. The initiative was announced on social Kinder official account thanks to video assets by us for Facebook and Instagram.

With the snacks, children always receive a personalized comic Disney Donald Duck! Buy a choice of two packs between…

Placed by Kinder onTuesday 22 October 2019
Kinder Disney Donald Duck

With the snacks, children always receive a personalized comic Disney Donald Duck with Paperavatar cover! Have fun choosing among the infinite combinations that you like to make your comic really unique! #fumettoKinder #donald85 #donaldmood

Placed by Kinder on Monday 21 October 2019

We also created the layout of Official website of the initiative.

Bob Iger, CEO di Walt Disney Studios, nominato “Imprenditore dell’anno”

Creativity is a messy affair,,it,technology is expensive and business plans rarely survive the first battle,,it,Yet in the,,it,Bob Iger,,sv,CEO of Walt Disney Studios,,it,has managed to enclose creativity,,it,technology and business plans within an epic package of,,it,months earning the title of,,it,Entrepreneur of the year,,it,Iger has transformed his company into a colossal media and tech business ensuring that Walt Disney products continue to be loved as always,,it,He worked for,,it, la tecnologia è costosa e i piani aziendali raramente sopravvivono alla prima battaglia. Eppure nel 2019, Bob Iger, CEO di Walt Disney Studios, è riuscito a racchiudere creatività, tecnologia e piani aziendali all’interno di un epico pacchetto di 12 mesi guadagnandosi il titolo di “Imprenditore dell’anno”.


Iger ha trasformato la sua azienda in un colossale business media e tech assicurando che i prodotti Walt Disney continuassero ad essere amati come sempre. Ha lavorato per 45 years for the same company facing many rivals and many difficulties,,it,but in,,it,at the age of,,it,years has given the company one of the most productive years,,it,A particular push was given by the launch of Disney the,,it,the Disney platform already registered after one day,,it,millions of registered people forming for Sheryl Sandberg,,it,COO of Facebook,,it,a surprising launch,,it,While the other corporate CEOs receive many harsh criticisms,,it,Bob Iger is only accused of being the ideal candidate for the presidency,,it, ma nel 2019 all’età di 68 anni ha regalato all’azienda uno degli anni più produttivi. Una spinta particolare è stata data dal lancio di Disney il 12 November 2019: la piattaforma di Disney già dopo un giorno registrava 10 milioni di persone iscritte costituendo per Sheryl Sandberg, COO di Facebook, un lancio sorprendente.

Mentre gli altri CEO aziendali ricevono molte critiche aspre, Bob Iger è solo accusato di essere il candidato ideale per la presidenza. Iger kindly rejects the idea as a repository of the stories of Western culture that has the power to choose how and which stories to tell,,it,appointed,,it.


Source: https://time.com/businessperson-of-the-year-2019-bob-iger/

Frozen II – Il segreto di Arendelle – Social Media Management e Digital Live Coverage,en

Frozen 2

In occasione dell’uscita di Frozen II – Il segreto di Arendelle, attesissimo sequel dell’amato Classico Disney Frozen, per conto di The Walt Disney Company Italia ci siamo occupati del Social Media Management del titolo, con localizzazione e creazione di asset e clip video. Abbiamo inoltre seguito la realizzazione dell’anteprima italiana svoltasi a Roma, assicurandoci come sempre l’efficacia del nostro Digital Live Coverage su tutti i touchpoint del cliente.

Per il Social Media Management, ci siamo occupati di declinare su Facebook, Instagram, YouTube e Twitter una strategia di creazione dell’attesa nei confronti dell’uscita del titolo, con asset countdown realizzati ad hoc. Abbiamo inoltre dato risalto al cast vocale di Frozen II – Il segreto di Arendelle, doppiato ancora una volta da Serena Autieri, Serena Rossi ed Enrico Brignano, con Giuliano Sangiorgi dei Negramaro interprete della versione italiana del brano “Nell’ignoto”.

Di seguito alcuni dei migliori post:

Abbiamo poi editato e pubblicato alcune clip “dietro le quinte” che, raccogliendo le testimonianze dei voice talent, svelano ai fan il lavoro fatto in sala di doppiaggio per Frozen 2.

Per la premiere italiana del titolo, tenutasi a Roma, abbiamo infine lavorato sia in real time sia post evento, con la produzione di Stories, gallery di foto e video.

Maleficent – Signora del Male – Social Media Management e Digital Live Coverage,en


On behalf of,,it,Digital Release Promotion and Boost,,it The Walt Disney Company,,en,we took care of the development of a Social Media Management strategy for,,it,in addition to the Digital Live Coverage of the Roman preview of the film held in the presence of actresses Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer,,it,we have constantly monitored the performance of Owned Media to maximize the effectiveness of the communication,,it,thanks also to digital investments,,it,and we have designed and implemented some activations with influencers based on the target requested by the customer,,it, ci siamo occupati della messa a punto di una strategia di Social Media Management per Maleficent – Signora del Male, oltre al Digital Live Coverage dell’anteprima romana del film svoltasi in presenza delle attrici Angelina Jolie e Michelle Pfeiffer. Furthermore, abbiamo costantemente monitorato le performance degli Owned Media per massimizzare l’efficacia della comunicazione, grazie anche agli investimenti digital, e abbiamo progettato e attuato alcune attivazioni con influencer in base al target richiesto dal cliente.

Sequel di Maleficent del 2014, la pellicola si focalizza sugli eventi successivi alla proposta di matrimonio da parte del Principe Filippo alla Principessa Aurora, innescati soprattutto dall’odio della regina Ingrith, madre di Filippo, nei confronti delle fate e delle creature magiche, of which the same Maleficent is part,it. Di seguito potete guardare il trailer ufficiale:

The social communication of the title,,it,hosted by the official profiles of Walt Disney Studios Italy,,it,has given birth to some contents that have become viral,,it,such as the timelapse video that takes up the transformation of Angelina Jolie into the protagonist Maleficent,,it,These are some of the best performance posts,,it, ospitata dai profili ufficiali dei Walt Disney Studios Italia, ha dato vita ad alcuni contenuti diventati virali, come ad esempio il video in timelapse che riprende la trasformazione di Angelina Jolie nella protagonista Maleficent:

Questi alcuni dei migliori post:

Per quanto riguarda la premiere italiana del titolo e il junket, abbiamo svolto attività di live coverage occupandoci di raccontare l’evento con foto, video e Stories, che si focalizzassero anche e soprattutto sulla presenza a Roma delle due attrici protagoniste.

Finally, we have edited some influencer activation related to the world of fashion,,it,of sport and YouTubers,,it,All of us,,it,during the fashion week,,fr,we show our evil side,,it,But remember to respect these rules,,it,and I recommend it.,,it,dress well,,it,@WaltDisneyStudiosIT #Maleficent #mfw2019 #adv,,en,Nicole M,,fr,@nicolemazzocato,,it,Well well,,en,Here is my sporting interpretation of Maleficent,,it,She is the protagonist of Maleficent,,it,The Lady of Evil,,it,returned from a few hours in all the cinemas,,it,Don't miss it,,it, dello sport e degli YouTuber:

Puppy Dog Pals – Community,,en,Influence Amplification,,fr & Influencer Amplification

On behalf of,,it,Digital Release Promotion and Boost,,it Walt Disney Company Italia abbiamo impostato un’operazione di community & influencer amplification a sostegno della messa in onda del programma televisivo Puppy Dog Pals.

Sappiamo quanto sia complicato raggiungere le audience più giovani, perciò abbiamo coinvolto otto Facebook Communities tra le più consolidate presso i target family&kids e con focus sull’amore per gli animali.

Per ognuna di esse abbiamo pensato e realizzato 16 creatività con relativi copy, aderenti al tone of voice delle pagine coinvolte.

I meme unofficial sono stati particolarmente apprezzati dagli utenti e hanno raggiunto e superato le stime di risultati iniziali.

A coronamento dell’operazione, abbiamo coinvolto una tra le più importanti instagrammer con focus sul target fondamentale delle mamme: Micol Olivieri.

Abbiamo studiato e selezionato con cura gli scatti che Micol avrebbe pubblicato: le foto la ritraggono con i suoi piccoli, i suoi cani e Bingo & Rolly.


I due gram hanno ottenuto più di 56.000 interazioni, almost the doppio delle stime iniziali.