C’era una volta…a Hollywood – Digital PR e Social Media Management

In conjunction with the release of the teaser trailer for the film that you can see below we are proud to announce that we will follow the management of Social Media and Digital PR of,,it,Once upon a time,,it,a Hollywood,,en,the ninth film of,,it,Quentin Tarantino,,it,Leonardo Dicaprio,,it,Margot Robbie,,fr,distributed by Sony Pictures Italy,,it,Once upon a time,,it,Quentin Tarantino's Hollywood is set in the Los Angeles area of,,it,where everything is changing,,it,where television actor Rick Dalton,,it,and its historic stand-in Cliff Booth,,it C’era una volta…a Hollywood, il nono film di Quentin Tarantino, con Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt e Margot Robbie, distribuito da Sony Pictures Italy.

Di seguito la trama del film

C’era una volta…a Hollywood di Quentin Tarantino è ambientato nella Los Angeles del 1969 in cui tutto sta cambiando, dove l’ attore televisivo Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) e la sua storica controfigura Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) they try to make their way into a Hollywood that they no longer recognize,,it,The script-director's ninth film presents a stellar cast and several narrative lines in a tribute to the last period of the golden age of Hollywood,,it. Il nono film dello sceneggiatore-regista presenta un cast stellare e diverse linee narrative in un tributo all’ ultimo periodo dell’età d’oro di Hollywood.