Kinder – Production of social media assets for the Star Wars license

Per Kinder Italia we dealt with the creation of the media materials related to the campaign related to licensing Star Wars, that our customer used during the month of January 2020.

In each pack of Kinder Brioss, Kinder Pan's Beak e Kinder Colazione Più He was in fact included a character beloved saga of films including Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren and one Stormtrooper. The goal of the visual was therefore to show users what were the gadgets, playing at the same time on the breakfast theme in a fun way and in line with the philosophy of Kinder.

To achieve this goal, so it had to take into account several factors, not least the needs of Kinder Ferrero and licensee Disney Italy, then finding a stylistic balance that marry best with social more formats suitable for generating engagement and to be supported by an operation of advertising.

Here are some of the top performing content campaign:

What is your mood at breakfast? Check out the Star Wars characters in the packages of snacks Kinder!

Placed by Kinder onThursday 16 January 2020

At breakfast Galaxy meets in your home! In Kinder snack packs are a Star Wars character to collect!

Placed by Kinder onThursday 9 January 2020

The production of company assets has obviously declined on Instagram Stories, visible at this link.

We finally dealt with the creation of graphics for Official microsite related to the Star Wars license, for which we also realized an initiative explanatory video. = 3489705127737506