IT in Digitale – Progettazione e produzione di contenuti speciali

Per Warner Bros Entertainment Italia,,en,we managed the,,it,of social media assets related to the digital release of IT,,it,the film title, box office,,it,distributed in Italian cinemas by Warner Bros Pictures Italy in October,,it,to promote the digital release of the film,,it,Combining the latter with the period of Carnival and Valentine's Day,,it,we have realized assets that are in line with RTM's opportunities for publication on owned media,,it abbiamo gestito la progettazione editoriale, creativa e grafica di social media asset legati alla release digitale di IT, il titolo cinematografico campione di incassi, released in Italian theaters in October,,it,The contents have been designed to match the online buzz at the Carnival and Valentine's Day,,it,and that they were in line with Pennywise fans' expectations,,it,The execution must therefore take into account an extremely tough fanbase,,it,as well as official graphic lines,,it,A not easy task,,it,but that in the light of the results is perfectly successful,,it,The realized assets have obtained more,,it,Live Photo per Facebook,,en,Courage,,it,What are you afraid of,,it 2017.

Lo scopo del progetto verteva sulla realizzazione di un kit di asset statici e animati, per promuovere la release digitale del film. I contenuti sono stati pensati per incrociare il buzz online in occasione del Carnevale e di San Valentino, e che fossero in linea con le aspettative dei fan di Pennywise.

L’esecuzione doveva tenere quindi conto di una fanbase estremamente agguerrita, oltre che delle linee grafiche ufficiali. Un compito non facile, ma che alla luce dei risultati è perfettamente riuscito.

Gli asset realizzati hanno ottenuto oltre 800.000 interazioni.

Di seguito alcuni dei top performing content della campagna:

1) Live Photo per Facebook

2) Social asset statico in RTM con San Valentino

3) Social asset animato in RTM con Carnevale

IT in Digitale – Community Amplification

Per dare un respiro più ampio e meno convenzionale alla comunicazione della release digitale di IT, abbiamo gestito per conto di Warner Bros Entertainment Italia la progettazione editoriale, creativa e grafica di social asset finalizzati alla pubblicazione su tre importanti pagine Facebook: Alpha Woman, Real Horror e Tom’s Hardware.

La scelta delle tre differenti community rispondeva all’esigenza di colpire target diversi: i contenuti sono stati infatti pensati per amplificare la portata della comunicazione sulla pagina ufficiale, raggiungendo un’audience più ampia.

Oltre alla produzione degli asset, abbiamo coordinato la pubblicazione sulle pagine coinvolte.

Here are some of the top performing content of the single page campaign used,,it,ALPHA WOMAN,,en,REAL HORROR,,en,TOM’S HARDWARE,,en.

I 9 post in totale realizzati hanno ottenuto oltre 900K tra commenti, like e condivisioni.

Cresce l’Italia digitale, Use the app to record levels

More videos, increasingly mobile, more and more social. These are the main findings of research conducted by ComScore "Internet in Italy - The Trend of 2017", a photograph of the state of the digital in Italy.

As the online population, the gap than in more developed markets is still evident. The overall Internet penetration is highest in the US (87%), in the UK (83%) and also in France (79%), Spain (78%) and Germany (77%). Increasing in Italy who can be called 'mobile only', namely that connect exclusively to mobile devices: represent one-third of those who connect via desktop PCs and are mainly very young.


It increases the frequency of the video display, and the mobile plays an increasingly important role. Traffic internet via smartphones and tablets has focused on certain types of content and few applications. The attention of the Italians is catalyzed primarily by messages and social networks, unlike what happens in the US or the UK, where mobile is primarily accessing entertainment content. A trend that in the short term may be stronger in Italy, because in our country are 4,4 million users watching videos almost every day from Mobile. The growth of the views from smartphones in Italy (+15% in 2016) It is second only to that recorded in Germany (+19%). Fewer and fewer users who watch video from the desktop computer (-5%).

The app is spent today about 90% the time spent on mobile devices and the 57% of the total time online. 6 minutes of 10 They are spent on Facebook or WhatsApp, and all the top ten applications Ranked belong to Facebook and Google.


L’e-commerce instead has not reach international standards, but its growth, albeit slowly, it is constant.

The ad blocking phenomenon in Italy is contained and stable: only the 13% of unique users who surf from desktop in Italy has installed a software to block while the mobile penetration is still marginal.