Infinity,en – Movie Balls – Influencer Activity

At Christmas 2019, we had the pleasure of working with Mediaset Infinity for the project Infinity Movie Balls, in which some selected influencers have received at home a package containing four balls Christmas-themed cinema and a code for access to Infinity.

I 15 influencers involved, we identified and contacted, They produced around 65 online content from Instagram Instagram Post and Stories, with a total engagement equal to 65.9K.

Francesco Arca@francescoarca – Engagement: 3.4K

Carolina Crescentini@carolcrasher – Engagement: 2.6K

Riccardo Accattatis@richardhtt – Engagement: 5.8K

Giulia Bevilacqua@giuliabevi – Engagement: 2K

Martin Castrogiovanni @ castrito81 – Engagement: 2.1K

Samantha De Grenet@Smnthdegrenet – Engagement: 5.5K

Claudio Di Biagio@claudiodibiagio – Engagement: 2.6K

Lorenza Di Sepio@lorenzadisepio – Engagement: 1.9K

Stella Egypt@stellaegitto – Engagement: 1K

Maurizio Merluzzo@themerluzz – Engagement: 15.7K

The Menestrelloh@ilmenestrelloh – Engagement: 11.3K

Michela Quattrociocche@michelaquattrociocche – Engagement: 6K

Paolo Ruffini@paolinoruffini

Marcello Cano@marcellosacchetta – Engagement: 4.1K

Fabio Troiano@fabiotroiano – Engagement: 1.3K