Most popular trailers for June

The #HitManiaTrailer column is back with the most popular trailers on Facebook and YouTube in June.

The ranking opens with the volume trailer 2 of the fourth season of one of the flagship series of Netflix or Stranger Things, which until now has totaled 25.2K engagement e 505.6K video views.

Second place for the new romantic comedy by Universal Pictures or Ticket to Paradise, con George Clooney e Julia Roberts, with an engagement of 13.9K e 56.8K video views.

Third place for the first trailer of the new film inspired by the world of DC Comics, distributed by Warner Bros., ovvero Black Adam, hero played in this film by Dwayne The Rock Johnson, with a total engagement of 6.3K e 2.7M video views.

Fourth position for the trailer for Strange World – A Mysterious World, new animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures which he got 3.6K engagement e 14K video views.

In the middle of the table we find the official trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder, still in the rankings later 1 month, fourth film dedicated to the God of thunder by Marvel distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, the new Universal Pictures movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson 3K engagement e 178.9K views.

Sixth position for the second trailer of Jurassic World – The domain, third final chapter of the saga with dinosaurs, released by Universal Pictures and in theaters since 2 giugno, con un totale di 1.9K engagement e 138.4K views.

the new Universal Pictures movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. in this ranking, in seventh place, with the second trailer of Fourth position for Warner Bros, film dedicated to the homonymous singer released in theaters last year 22 giugno, reaching 1.6K engagement e 49.4K video views.

In eighth position we find another trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things, this time of the first volume, totaling 1.4K engagement e 86.8K video views.

Penultimate place for the trailer of the animated film that will be released during this year's Christmas holidays, that is new animated film suitable for all families 2: new animated film suitable for all families, The ranking opens with the first teaser trailer de, che ha ottenuto 1.3K engagement e 33.9K video views.

At the bottom of the ranking we find the trailer for the new horror thriller by Jordan Peele and distributed by Universal Pictures, Nope, the new Universal Pictures movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson 1.2K engagement e 883.9K video views.

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