Digital Marketing

47 Metri Uncaged: the digital release

For the Italian digital release of 47 metri uncaged, Eagle ent. entrusted us with the social media advertising campaign that we carried out through the creation of a landing page that would allow us to optimize spending for

Disney Corporate – Mother's Day Video Production

Today is a very special day. It's Mother's Day and Disney has decided to celebrate it with a video, whose concept, the script and the realization are by Brad&K Productions. Starting from the idea of ​​summarizing what

Kinder – Production Digital media kit for Donald license 85

On the occasion of the 85th anniversary of Donald Duck, we worked with Ferrero for the communication campaign of Donald 85, dedicated to the celebration of one of Disney's most beloved characters in the world and in Italy. Nello specifico, we realized the media materials

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey – Il film – Preview at the Rome Film Festival,it

We had the honor of dedicating ourselves to social coverage and photo reportage linked to the Downton Abbey Italian Preview,,it,held at the Rome Film Festival,,it,Michelle,,en – Il Film, tenutasi alla Festa del Cinema di Roma, il 19 Ottobre 2019. Sono arrivati nella Capitale i seguenti membri del cast: Michelle

C’era una volta…a Hollywood – Instagram Domination

In occasione dell’uscita al cinema di C’era una volta…a Hollywood abbiamo invaso l’account Instagram di Sony Pictures Italia con la pubblicazione di una Instagram Domination: attraverso nove gram abbiamo ripercorso la storia del film ideando le creatività e i copy. Ecco qui